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My name is Aleksandar – Aleks for short.

I help organizations to create better services and products!

I have over 14 years of professional experience in multinational companies – market leaders.

What I discovered is that product development is hard, and it takes a lot of effort to make it right.

This blog is for people interested in product development and best practices.

I hope you will find the information here useful and hopefully we can meet in person in a future event.

If you like to learn more about him, please feel free to connect on the social media platforms. below!

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How to positively impact your product development using a persona

In this article, you will learn how positively your product development will be impacted once you introduce a persona. I had been part of few trainings about how to create a user persona and I have the following observations about them. Once the training is completed, the participants seldom used the create personas. The other observation is that the training is very theoretical, and it doesn't provide with the participants with the practical knowledge how to create such persona on their own. It makes me wonder, is a user persona becoming the latest buzz word we learn in the industry and we never use in [...]

Strategies for product development, guide on how to develop a winning product!

If there is one thing that product managers must have is strategies for their product development. The strategies must take into account the 3 key pillars of a product manager. It is easy to think that famous people like Elon Musk or Richard Branson just wake up every morning and do amazing things, however this is further from the truth. You as a product manager should have one goal in mind - create amazing products that everyone would love, recommend and use. In reality, only few product leaders will do that, this results in a loss in opportunities, new revenue channels and new market reach. [...]

The focus of the Product Manager

Think about the word “Product Manager”! What do you think are the product manager responsibilities? Write the first thing that comes up to your mind on a piece of paper and continue reading the following article. Many people associate the position of a product manager as a manager with a big team who says to the rest of the team what to do. Also, they perceived that this position gives a full authority for taking directions on a company level, directions like new products which will be introduced to the customers, for example. Other people perceive them as the people who lead the company to success! Those [...]

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What is number one reason for ineffective meetings

I was shocked to learn this sad statistic: We surveyed 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.Harvard Business review Over 2/3 of interview executives think meetings in the office are not only inefficient but also prevent them of doing their work. This sad statistics doesn't affect only the senior managers! It also affects million of workers and tens of thousands of product managers. Meetings in the [...]

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The first step to become a Product Manager!

I had been in a few discussions with my mastermind groups. Occasionally, people had shared their passion to move to Product Management.And usually after that, the first question they ask is: “What does product manager really do?”

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