Aleks Vladimirov – Welcome to my site!


I am highly motivated person who loves technologies and solving complex problems by focusing on providing a value!

I work as a Technical Project Manager making use of my experience in the Agile world and the traditional waterfall project management.

I am result driven person, certified in PSM1 and Prince2 Practitioner.

My career included developing software and designing software architecture which I had done over 10 years.

My mission is to help people, teams and businesses to achieve even greater success! The way I do it is by applying my experience in non-profit and the professional world and by using my skills as a Project Manager, Event Facilitator, Trainer/Coach and Software Developer.

In my free time I like to travel, as well as working on volunteering projects and delivering training sessions on various topics such as Presentation Skills, Creativity, Problem Solving, Time Management and Leadership.

Work Experience

Dedication and Goal Oriented.

I had worked for top companies which are leaders in their industries.

Vivacom is the biggest telecom company in Bulgaria.

SAP is a leader in the ERP market.

Barclays is one of the top investment banks in the world.

Thales is a leader in Security and Digital Security.

Aleks’ Skills


Java Software Developer 100%
Project Manager 100%
Trainer 89%
Coaching and Mentoring 93%
Agile Software Development 94%



Please feel free to contact me, regarding training or coaching opportunities.