Aleks is a serial entrepreneur. He started his project at an early page where he had build a word dictionary in C++.

He will share his point of view on topics related to entrepreneurship.

Orders vs Intent

Everyone is talking about Agile. It survived the hype and many many more companies are moving towards such an approach to stay in the business. One question bothers me - " Why we are still in the situation that there are still so many open topics in the forums about a wrongly applied Agile?" We [...]

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Celebrating the small successes in life

The story happened a few years ago it was October, the beginning of the work week or so I thought.  I was surprised when I realize that I am at the end of the work week, have you ever had such experience where Sunday seems like it was, but my calendar showed me the reality. It really [...]

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Privacy Fraud

It's better safe than sorry. A wise proverb which was true in the past and even more applicable nowadays. Do you know how to protect your privacy? If not, please read the tips below provided by the European ARIES project:   Tip 1: Be careful who you give your personal information to...and how Be very cautious about [...]

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Re-invent the magic

"Hello this is your captain speaking we are preparing to landing, the temperature at your destination is 20 degrees and the weather is sunny". After 20 minutes the plane landed, and the passengers clapped with enthusiasm. Another journey had started.    The above scenario was very common in the past. Maybe ten years ago, if [...]

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Lean Framework and software development

Today I was on a presentation regarding the Toyota manufacture principle. Well somebody will say, great, what is so interesting in that?The interesting thing was that the lecturer make a parallel to this principle and software development. The idea behind this lean philosophy is to eliminate the waste from the process. Everything has to be [...]

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Competitions and everything about them

The feeling of being a winner in competition is great. As I was talking with many students during the last week of BEST Engineering Week, few of them will accept the challenge, the unknown, to take the risk, to give there 100% and hopefully to win the prize. I was wondering, "why this young people [...]

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A lot of reading

I was reading a lot lately and i am proud to finish Erik Fromm Escape from Freedom. Luckily for me i found this site where a community of people investing a little of their spare time in reading, exchange opinions about the books they had read. And also I finished my first review :) Escape [...]

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The beginning of my blogging journey

How would you start your very first blog post? In Software Development world, the first application that you write is hello world. What about in the blog world, what would be the first message you would write or the first article when you start it? At the time of writing this blog I had written 40 [...]

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