Characteristics of an Order personality.In previous post which can be found on my Facebook page I explained the concept of Chaos and Order.

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In this post I will continue on this topic, by focusing on the concept of Order.

What is characteristic of the Order personality?
There can’t be any sustainability without Order. Order is the energy that glues everything and everyone together. Order is:

  • Clear rules;
  • Established Habits;
  • The tendency to not change the conservatism;
  • Safe;
  • Cosy;
  • The known;

Order in our daily life

Aleks Vladimirov Product Manager - Order, represented by Ordered books in a library

Is Order bad?

Not at all. Without order the society, as we know it, can’t exist. Without the rules and agreements, there won’t be any trust between us.

Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject

Thomas Mann

When Order is bad?

Order can be bad when people stay only in that place. When novelty is ignored and evaluation of old beliefs never happens.

Then people who are overwhelmed with some behavior or a belief will keep repeating it, because it’s the known.

What questions you can ask to determine if someone is stuck in the Order space?

Using the questions below is a fun way to explore if you or your friends have a tendency to stay in the Order space?

  • When was the last time you had done something new?
  • How do you choose the food in a restaurant?
  • What things cross the threshold of your comfort zone?
  • Would you consider doing something that makes you uncomfortable?/ex. singing karaoke, going to a dance class and try a new dance class…./

Asking those questions above will not only help you in determining if you or your friends are in the Order zone, but will also give you a different level of understand of your friends and also explanation, why some of them will never consider going with you and trying something new.

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