The feeling of being a winner in competition is great. As I was talking with many students during the last week of BEST Engineering Week, few of them will accept the challenge, the unknown, to take the risk, to give there 100% and hopefully to win the prize.

I was wondering, “why this young people like me, don’t take the guests and to compete”, I mean what will they lose?
Being less than 25-year-old, the world is still a head. Some people say that experience is gain during the good times and bad times. There is no such thing as a bad experience. You can always learn from the situation and hopefully not make the same mistake in the future.

From the students taking part of the challenge, I learn a lot about their passion to compete. Because theory is something that university can teach you, but in real life, business is all about practice.
If your idea is good but you cannot sell it to someone than it’s worth nothing.

You can find more about the BEST Sofia’s engineering week at:

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Aleks Vladimirov

Technical Project Manager at Thales | Entrepreneur and Facilitator | Prince2, PSMI, Soft-Skills Trainer, DTM

Alek has vast experience in Software Development as well as Project Management and training session designing and delivering.

He had been part of the Toastmaster organization and had achieved the highest award Distinguished Toastmaster(DTM)

He is certified as Scrum Master and Prince 2 Practitioner.

He is leading multiple non-profit initiatives related to training and entrepreneurship.