Below, you’ll find a few different options for getting in touch with me!

  • Startup Mentoring: Are you looking for experienced mentor for your startup or event focused on promoting Entrepreneurship? Hit me up and lets make this event happen!
  • Facilitate your event: I am an experienced public speaker and had facilitated small and big events, from a conference for 400+ people to small events of 50 people. You don’t need to sweat when you have a professional to take care of having a great event and exciting participants.
  • Training Session Delivery: Are you in a need of an experienced Trainer to deliver the next amazing training session to your event? I have a brought portfolio or training sessions focused on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.
  • Need experienced Product Manager: Hit me up if you are working on something cool and you need experienced team member in your team, let’s see how we can cooperate.
  • Want to be part of the blog: I am always looking for people to collaborate on my blog and write an article about them, interested? Hit me up!

Aleks’s topics of expertise are in product development, public speaking, facilitating training sessions and facilitating events.