“Hello this is your captain speaking we are preparing to landing, the temperature at your destination is 20 degrees and the weather is sunny”. After 20 minutes the plane landed, and the passengers clapped with enthusiasm. Another journey had started.


 The above scenario was very common in the past. Maybe ten years ago, if you had flown with an airplane. Some of us even remember that.

How would the captain and the cabin crew had felt when they heard the passengers to clap? I bet it was a pleasant experience.

It is like tipping in the restaurants.

What changed?

A few years later, you can’t hear any clapping when the plane lands!

Are the pilots so bad that they don’t deserve appreciation? The obvious answer is no! We still arrive at the tight place and usually at the right time.

However, we become comfortable flying, there are so many affordable ways to reach out your final destination and so many low-cost companies. Flying turned out to be a commodity.


Now, think about your daily life! Is there a time you were the most important person for our spouse, especially when you dated for the first months, the so called first phase of a relationship or to our friends, before they took you for granted. Sooner or later you will find out that things change and the once appreciation and statements of affection were transformed to a normal daily routine and casual interactions.


I can see this in many situations, at the workplace or with friends, people feel disconnected because everything we appreciate, we now take for granted.

So instead of escaping social networks or being grumpy, try to ask yourself a simple question?

Why am I doing this?

What I really enjoyed in doing that?

And after identifying what you liked in your job, or the communication with your spouse, friends or family, then try to think how you can bring it back in to your life. Sometimes a small change can make a significant difference.

Reinvent yourself and be happy and fulfilled.

Aleks Vladimriov Profile picture

Aleks Vladimirov

Technical Project Manager at Thales | Entrepreneur and Facilitator | Prince2, PSMI, Soft-Skills Trainer, DTM

Alek has vast experience in Software Development as well as Project Management and training session designing and delivering.

He had been part of the Toastmaster organization and had achieved the highest award Distinguished Toastmaster(DTM)

He is certified as Scrum Master and Prince 2 Practitioner.

He is leading multiple non-profit initiatives related to training and entrepreneurship.