“Deep in the bosom of the gentle night. Is when I search for the light. Pick up my pen and start to write I struggle, I fight dark forces in the clear moonlight. Without fear, Insomnia. I can’t get no sleep”

Go to the bookstore. There is a huge amount of books written on productivity. From the book called 5am club by Robin Sharma to books on productivity that suggest us, we must sleep less to have more time to beat the competition.

There are some interesting effects when people sleep less than expected. And tones of misconceptions.

In the following post we will visit the three surprising effects of when we experience a lack of sleep for a long time.

Have more time

When we sleep less, we have more time to do more things. More times to do more of the needed tasks. Is that really true?
We are all “Stuck” with 24 hours, unless we move to live on a different planet where the planet rotation is slower compared to planet Earth.
I know some project managers that work hard and work late, but this doesn’t mean they are good in what they do. By definition, there is always something more on our to-do list. When we have more time, it is tempting to look for more things you can accomplish. Those more things, because of lack of energy and concentration won’t be part of the important tasks, instead usually they are part of neither urgent, nor important tasks.
In the end we end up doing more things, but less important instead of focusing all our attention on the big picture.

Surprising side effect: We do more, but instead of what we must do, we focus on not important things.

Being able to create a plan and focus on achieving it during the day

Many book insists on rituals which involve waking up early. The reason that they stated is the fact that early in the morning there is a zero chance for someone else to distract us and it’s a great way to plan our day. The reality is if our natural body clock is not adjusted for such early wake up, we would waste that extra time by hitting the snooze button. And instead of having the needed energy to plan our day to meditate and have healthy exercises, we will stare at the ceiling, maybe read junk news and do nothing productive.

Surprising side effect: Catching up with junk news and social media.

We will be more successful

According to a study by the national center for biotechnology information shows that: This study shows that after subject being deprived from sleep response speeds were up to 50% slower for some tests and accuracy measures were significantly poorer than at this level of alcohol.


This shows that being successful doesn’t link to having more hours of work and lack of sleep. When we suffer from lack of sleep, our decisions are clouded and our responses are slower, compare to when we had a healthy sleep.

Surprising side effect: Not having enough sleep can have worst effect, then drinking alcohol 

The Summary

We are pressured to work harder and faster, and many people are trying to do that by sacrificing unnecessary activities. However, sleeping must not be one of them.

Sleeping is very important for our overall well-being. After having a good night sleep, we can make better decisions; we are healthier and more successful.
Sleeping makes us genius, without it we will suffer the same effect as being drunk.
If you want to be successful and healthy, stop worrying and staying late and start sleeping more!

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Aleks Vladimirov

Technical Project Manager at Thales | Entrepreneur and Facilitator | Prince2, PSMI, Soft-Skills Trainer, DTM

Alek has vast experience in Software Development as well as Project Management and training session designing and delivering.

He had been part of the Toastmaster organization and had achieved the highest award Distinguished Toastmaster(DTM)

He is certified as Scrum Master and Prince 2 Practitioner.

He is leading multiple non-profit initiatives related to training and entrepreneurship.